Palm Beach Plaza Mall has a responsibility to all visitors to provide a shopping environment that is acceptable to everyone. Palm Beach Plaza Mall wishes to encourage an atmosphere that does not offend visitors’ values or beliefs and therefore upholds the code of conduct, which reflects socially acceptable behaviour.

We consistently aim to maintain high standards and do not permit the following:
• Intimidation of our visitors by groups or individuals
• Behaviour that is considered unacceptable to the environment
• Pets, with the exception of assistance dogs
• Vehicles within the centre, excluding mobility-scooter and wheelchairs

Ensuring that visitors are free to shop and relax the following is not permitted:
• Leafleting, canvassing or conducting third party interviews or surveys unless authorized by Mall Management
• Unauthorized busking or selling of goods in the mall, car parks and associated areas

To ensure the health and safety of visitors we ask that everyone respects and shows due consideration for the Mall environment by:
• Not cycling, roller-blading, using micro-scooters, skateboards or Heeley’s in the centre
• Not climbing or sitting on any balustrade, barrier, fence or railing
• No playing of ball games
• No swearing, shouting or use of other offensive words
• No inappropriate use of customer lifts and escalators
• The wearing of shirts / tops and footwear at all times
• Removing crash helmets upon entering the centre

The following legal conditions must be adhered to:
• Both legislation and the Mall’s own smoking policy
• Alcohol is only to be consumed within premises that hold a relevant license
• Any act of vandalism towards property belonging to Palm Beach Plaza Mall or our retailers will be dealt with accordingly and the Police will always be informed