There is nothing like it. Palm Beach Plaza is situated on 30,000 square meters of Aruba’s most prime property. Located just moments away from Aruba’s Palm Beach Hotels (consisting of over 7000 hotel rooms), Palm Beach Plaza is a multi-level mall with approximately 15000 square meters of fine shopping, dining and entertainment as well as a luxury condominium complex.

We provide this package for potential tenants to give general information about the project, the developers and the design of the projects, as well as an indication of rental prices.


Designed in a courtyard style , Palm Beach Plaza consists of four individual building surrounding an inner plaza with fountains and tropical greenery. Each building has 3 floors with escalators and elevators for easy access to all parts of the plaza.

More than just a shopping mall, Palm Beach Plaza features a state-of the-art amphitheatre, spectacular water features and entertainment for the entire family. Palm Beach Plaza will certainly become the favorite venue for local and international artists as well as a prime location for top-of-the-line boutiques to showcase their latest fashions.

When seeking a fine dining experience, Palm Beach Plaza is the place to go. In addition to seven fine restaurants, the top floor features seven food courts: so, whatever a visitor’s taste may be, they are sure to find what they are looking for. Palm Beach Plaza: it’s more than just shopping. It’s a complete experience.